Campus Vital


Physical activity, mental health, and a healthy diet are the fundamental elements of a work culture    that benefits all employees and enables top performance. These elements form the basis of our mission as an internationally renowned science and biotechnology park.

CampusVital sees itself as a joint initiative to ensure the health of the employees and their work ability and work performance on Campus Berlin-Buch. The Techniker Krankenkasse supports us in the development of sustainable structures of corporate health management and plays an active role in shaping the topic of health together with the campus institutions.

Our health concept is comprised of coordinated services to promote corporate health on campus. We want to foster and strengthen health-conscious behavior. We create the framework conditions for self-participation and for developing a practiced health culture that will strengthen the sense of togetherness between all employees, including those from other countries. In this way we are raising the profile of Campus Berlin-Buch as an attractive place to work.