Campus Vital Treated Wood

Campus Community

Around 3,000 people from 60 countries work on Campus Berlin-Buch – mostly in research or in biotech or medical companies. In addition to scientific symposia or conferences there are always opportunities to meet colleagues outside of day-to-day work over a beer, for a concert, at a festival or at the Long Night of the Sciences. With CampusVital, the sense of belonging to the campus can be experienced in a new way - with group training sessions or sports competitions.

The campus is committed to health and sustainability. To help reconcile work and family life, there is a day care center on campus for the children of employees. The cafeteria attaches particular importance to offering healthy meals. Mobility is also an important factor in the context of sustainability: One of the latest sustainability initiatives is the pilot project CAMPUSbike, which offers employees the opportunity to commute by bike free of charge between the Berlin-Buch station and the campus. Employees can also use a campus Share-a- Ride portal to find people to carpool with. Last but not least, an environmentally friendly car from Stadtmobil has been stationed on campus, which is available for car sharing. For more information, please visit: