Campus Vital


CampusVital offers daily exercise and relaxation courses lasting 30 or 60 minutes. You can book the following courses:

Pelvic Floor Training

Here the inner center is strengthened. At the beginning a warm-up phase followed by specific exercises to activate and strengthen the deep muscles of the pelvic floor and the lower abdomen.


Foot Gymnastics

Good posture starts with the feet, because they carry us all our life. In this course we strengthen the foot muscles, train coordination and fine motor skills and improve circulation. Thus, healthy foot muscles offer injury prophylaxis and prevent back and knee problems.


Body Center Xpress

In this course your body center will be strengthened in just 30 minutes. After a short warmup, your torso muscles are intensively trained to achieve a healthy posture. The training takes place with and without aids such as gymnastics balls, hand weights or thera bands. At the end, relaxation and stretching round off the course sessions.


HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. This involves alternating short, very strenuous training units and recovery phases in quick succession. In this way, a significant improvement in muscular performance and the cardiovascular system can be achieved in a relatively short training period.



Pilates is an exercise program consisting of gymnastics and relaxation and stretching techniques. We train breathing, strength and agility and gently relax the body, mind and soul. Important areas are the shoulder and neck as well as the back, abdomen and pelvic floor. We train on the mat. Pezzi balls are available for use.


The course includes strengthening the upper and lower back muscles, training the deep muscles, stabilizing training and improving back flexibility.

Back Fitness (Strength)

The course begins with a warm-up phase. This is followed by specific exercises for the entire trunk muscles to strengthen them.

Morning Yoga

Yoga means allowing the breath to flow evenly and in a controlled manner in all postures and relaxing at the same time. And that's what makes yoga so easy.

Gently wake up your body and mind in the early morning with gentle, flowing asanas (movements/postures/poses). The focus here is on mindfulness and body awareness in connection with the breath. A morning Hatha Yoga class for beginners and all those who want to deepen their technique and particularly appreciate yoga in a small group and in the early morning.

In Hatha Yoga, deep relaxation, flexibility and balance as well as lasting strength can be gained, resulting in physical and mental well-being.

Mats, blocks and blankets are ready.