Campus Vital


CampusVital offers daily exercise and relaxation courses lasting 30, 60 or 90 minutes. You can book the following courses:

Mindfulness Meditation

The course teaches the basics of mindfulness practice using a few simple body exercises and sitting meditation. The focus is on direct experience without pressure to perform. Preparatory stretching exercises help to improve body awareness, promote relaxation and lead to guided meditation. Please bring comfortable and warm clothes as well as a blanket!

Autogenic Training

Autogenic training is a recognized method for "concentrative self relaxation" based on autosuggestion. By applying the learned exercises, nervousness and inner restlessness are reduced, the ability to concentrate is increased and a general physical and mental relaxation is achieved. This makes it possible to face stressful situations calmly and appropriately.

Pelvic Floor Training

Here the inner center is strengthened. At the beginning a warm-up phase followed by specific exercises to activate and strengthen the deep muscles of the pelvic floor and the lower abdomen.


Fascia Training

The fascia training is composed of dynamic stretching exercises, stabilizing strength exercises, jump and swing movements as well as active fascia rolling.

Foot Gymnastics

Good posture starts with the feet, because they carry us all our life. In this course we strengthen the foot muscles, train coordination and fine motor skills and improve circulation. Thus, healthy foot muscles offer injury prophylaxis and prevent back and knee problems.


Full Body Training

The course is divided into four sections. Warm up, training session 1, training session 2 and stretching. The training units combine special strength and endurance exercises to achieve effective muscle and cardiovascular training. The exercises from the training units are identical and refer to the shoulder/arm area, back and abdominal area, buttock and leg muscles.


Facial Gymnastics

In this course the face and neck muscles are strengthened and relaxed through specific exercises. A fixed component are special exercises for the eye and jaw muscles. For example, the training of the eye muscles can counteract fatigue of the eyes due to long screen work and relaxation exercises of the jaw muscles also have a positive effect on the neck and neck muscles and prevent e.g. tension headaches.

Body Center Xpress

In this course your body center will be strengthened in just 30 minutes. After a short warmup, your torso muscles are intensively trained to achieve a healthy posture. The training takes place with and without aids such as gymnastics balls, hand weights or thera bands. At the end, relaxation and stretching round off the course sessions.


The course includes strengthening the upper and lower back muscles, training the deep muscles, stabilizing training and improving back flexibility.

Meditation (Onlince Course)

Online course in English: This short guided meditation is for you to take a break, rest, connect with your breath, connect with your body,  so you can become aware of where you might be holding tension in your body,  so you can release it.


This course is about improving the quality of movement. The body is moved from head to toe and stretched through static and dynamic exercises.



Pilates is an exercise program consisting of gymnastics and relaxation and stretching techniques. We train breathing, strength and agility and gently relax the body, mind and soul. Important areas are the shoulder and neck as well as the back, abdomen and pelvic floor. We train on the mat. Pezzi balls are available for use.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation is a way to improve mental well-being and the ability to relax. Participants in the course learn to consciously tense muscle groups, to feel them intensively and then to relax them again. This makes it easier to perceive when the muscles are tense due to stress and to consciously relax them in such moments.

Backfit (Mobility)

In this course, after an appropriate warm-up phase, the supporting muscles of the spine, trunk muscles and feet are stretched and strengthened through specific exercises. Muscular imbalances, poor posture and tension can be resolved in this way.

Back Fitness (Strength)

The course begins with a warm-up phase. This is followed by specific exercises for the entire trunk muscles to strengthen them.

Spinal Gymnastics

The course aims  to provide comprehensive information about the spine. By means of functional gymnastics, muscular imbalances shall be corrected and spinal mobility shall be improved.

Yoga in the Evening

The day was long and tiring again. Now an evening yoga sequence can help to bring the Monkey Mind to a little calm, to relax and thus to slide into a more restful sleep later on. The daily overstimulation and often constant availability make us tired and sometimes "over the top" at the same time. Therefore, in the yoga evening sequence, it is more advantageous to choose the simple, more calm hatha yoga orientation. This can provide gentle and regenerating asanas, a calm and harmonizing pranayama (breathing techniques and exercises) and also a wonderfully relaxing meditation sequence.

No previous experience with yoga is required, the course is suitable for everyone and everyone is welcome.
Please bring thick socks and a warm sweater. Mats, blocks and blankets are ready.

Yoga in the evening: Hatha meets Yin (Online Course)

In this evening yoga course, we will try to let go of everyday life a bit, bring body and mind to rest and thereby provide relaxation through specific yoga postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and awareness (meditation). The focus is on rather calmer and slower movements and stress reduction. More powerful exercises from Hatha Yoga meet passive, longer postures from Yin Yoga. In addition to comfortable clothing and a yoga mat, you should also have a blanket and possibly a drink ready for the course. Your cell phone should be turned down if possible. The course is suitable for all levels.

Hatha Yoga at the end of the day (Online Course)

This yoga course can serve as a transition from the workday to the end of the day, but can also be used as a break during work hours. Through an initially more dynamic and active yoga practice to let go, calmer movements as well as breathing exercises in the second half lead to relaxation of body and mind. In addition to comfortable clothing and a yoga mat, you should also have a blanket and possibly a drink ready for the course. Your cell phone should be turned down if possible. The course is suitable for all levels.

Yoga in the Morning

Yoga means breathing the breath in all body postures in an even and controlled manner while at the same time relaxing. And that makes yoga so easy...

In the early morning gently wake body and mind with light flowing asanas (movements / postures / poses) and here the focus in the mindfulness and the body perception is quite in connection with the breath. A gentle Hatha course for beginners and those who want to deepen their technique, appreciate and love yoga especially in a small group strength and in the early morning.
In Hatha Yoga deep relaxation, agility and balance as well as lasting strength can be gained and thus a physical and mental wellbeing can be achieved.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is a special method of condition training, in which different stations have to be completed one after the other. It trains strength, endurance, agility or speed, depending on the execution modality. The aim is to strengthen various muscle groups in a balanced way. In the consecutive exercises, different muscles are exercised, so that the resting muscles can easily regenerate themselves during the exercises for other body regions.
Circuit training is suitable for every fitness level.