Campus Vital

TK Lounge

In cooperation with CampusVital, the TK Lounge offers all employees of the campus institutions and companies free information and advice regarding the topics of health and health insurance. The offering is bilingual (German / English) and is also aimed at employers, customers and all interested persons on the campus.

Key Topics
-    International employment / Welcome Service
-    Corporate health management
-    Health and prevention offerings (exercise, healthy diet, relaxation, work-life balance)
-    Vaccination protection and travel vaccinations
-    Digital health (Apps & Co)

TK Lounge
Campus Berlin-Buch
Building 79, 1st floor
Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month, 10 – 12 am and 13 – 15 pm

+++ Please note that the TK-Lounge can currently only be offered by corona due to an agreement. Please contact Mr. Hildebrandt by email to arrange an individual, personal appointment (as part of a Wednesday) or alternatively a phone call / Skype conversation. +++

Contact: Rico Hildebrandt

Phone: 0160 - 781 31 59