Campus Vital Treated Wood


In cooperation with CampusVital, the TK-Lounge offers all employees of the campus institutions and companies free information and advice regarding the topics of health and health insurance. The offering is bilingual (German / English) and is also aimed at employers, customers and all interested persons on the campus.

Key Topics
-    International employment / Welcome Service
-    Corporate health management
-    Health and prevention offerings (exercise, healthy diet, relaxation, work-life-balance)
-    Vaccination protection and travel vaccinations
-    Digital health (Apps & Co)

TK Lounge
Campus Berlin-Buch
Building 79, 1st floor
Every 2nd Wednesday of the month, 9 am – 3 pm

You are also welcome to make an appointment for those days.

Contact: Rico Hildebrandt

Phone: 0160 - 781 31 59