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155,800 kilometers by bike - almost four times around the equator!

2023-07-25 | On-campus award ceremony of this year's "Who cycles the most?" competition


Winners from the 2023 competition

In this year's "Who cycles the most?" competition, the institutes and companies of the Campus Berlin-Buch/MDC Mitte won 3rd place in the company ranking of all 23 participating companies. This year's winners are Berliner Wasserbetriebe ahead of BVG. The 263 cyclists of the Science and Biotech Campus/MDC Mitte cycled 155,801.9 kilometers together. This corresponds to almost four circumnavigations of the equator. For the first time, the best individual cyclist in the overall competition also comes from the Buch campus: Günther Pätz (Celares GmbH) covered 6,106 km in the two months of the competition.

In May and June, a total of 2,650 employees of the 23 mehrwert-companies collected their cycling kilometers. This year, all participants together covered a distance of 1,555,542 kilometers. This is not only an impressive result for health, but also for the environment, as the distance equates to a saving of 295,553 kg of CO2. 

On July 25, the on-campus award ceremony took place in Berlin-Buch. Awards were given to individuals and teams in three categories: Small Team (up to 3), Group Team (4 to 10) and Mega Team (from 11).

Individual ranking

1. Günther Pätz, Celares GmbH with 6106 km

2. Holger Gerhardt, Max Delbrück Center with 2644.1 km

2. Thomas Gladytz, Max Delbrück Center with 2644.1 km

Small team (up to 3)
Wheels of Change (2) with 3.567,1 km in total. Average: 1783.5 km.
Max Delbrück Center

Group team (4 to 10)
Nur mit EPO (5) with 6,766 km in total. Average: 1353.2 km.

Mega Team (from 11)
Kleinvieh macht auch Mist (11) with 8389,8 km in total. Average: 762.7 km.
Max Delbrück Center & Charité

The competition period was May 1 to June 30, 2023.

Congratulations to all winners!